Veteran’s Honest Reaction to Trump’s Transgender Ban Goes Viral: ‘Before You Call Me a Homophobe…’

KIRSTERS BAISH| If you have any form of social media I’m sure you have been blasted with opinions both for and against President Trump’s ban on transgenders in the military. Everyone is weighing in on the subject, giving their opinions on our commander in chief’s final decision. We have the response of a 20-year military veteran for you today. His Facebook post sparked the debate of the century.

The Air Force veteran requested to be identified as Craig in fear of being targeted by angry Liberals. He explained that he was grateful for President Trump’s decision, and requested that everyone read and try to understand his point of view before labeling him a “transgender hater” or a “homophobe.”

His statement went as follows:

As a 20 Year Retired Military Member, this is the right thing to do. Before you call me a homophobe and a transgender hater which I am not, please realize I deal in the school of reality. I could care less if you were born a man or a woman and now want to call yourself something else. That’s the great thing about America and being FREE. The reality of all this is the transgender community suicide rate is upwards of 40-50%. Now put them in the military and deploy them thousands of miles from their support networks and you can see the recipe for disaster. Before you call President Trump a Homophone or a hater, realize he is listening to his commanders IN the military. That is something President Obama seldom did if ever. The Military was never meant to be a Social Experiment. Unless you served, which only 1% of Americas Men and Women do, you would not understand.

He concluded, “Thank you President Trump.”

Independent Journal Review interviewed Craig, and he explained that he had served in the United States Air Force for more than 20 years. He was a munitions system specialist for seven years. He then moved into recruiting duty. He was in combat duty during the time of Desert Storm and Desert Shield. Back in 2009 he retired, which was two years after Obama was inaugurated.

It only took an hour for “Craig’s” post to hit 1,300 likes and the growing responses sat at 200. People with viewpoints from both ends of the spectrum joined the debate.

One veteran commented, “I served. Wonderful words, Craig.”

Another veteran commented stating, “As a veteran myself I totally agree with our President.”

“Our military needs to focus on the defense of our country and not be distracted with issues that have nothing to do with our national defense,” another response read.

Of course, not everyone agreed with “Craig’s” viewpoint.

One angry Leftist commented, “Who are YOU to deny a person’s right to serve our country? BUT you are for some A**HOLE named TRUMP who DODGED the draft to fight! Now that’s patriotism …. WRONG!”

It didn’t take long for a Twitter debate about the issue to pop up.

Of course, there were those who took the offensive, claiming that President Trump broke his promise to protect the LBGTQ community, arguing that not allowing transgenders to serve in the military is unjust.

Whether you agree with the whole issue of gender reassignment surgeries or not, I think it’s safe to say that President Trump made the only logical choice in his final decision to ban transgenders from the military. Our tax dollars should not be funding sex change operations. Our military should be the strongest fighting force possible, and should NOT be made out to be a social experiment. This is our time to take back our country, and we are proud to have President Trump leading us in doing so.