Trump Drops The Hammer On The New York Times & CNN With Humiliating Punishment Leaving Liberals Uber-Triggered

VIA| Reporters from liberal mainstream outlets are whining after they were forced to sit in “Siberia” on Friday during Trump’s press conference in the White House Rose Garden.

The New York Times and CNN (both of whom former FBI Director James Comey confirmed released false stories about FBI investigations during his testimony on Thursday) were seated in the very last row of the conference, next to anti-Trump Spanish network Univision.

Check it out (per BizPacReview):

CNN reporter Jim Acosta was triggered (as usual).

“This MUST to be a mistake. Don’t you know who I am?” Bleh.

LOL, someone make this guy go sit on the naughty rug. Can’t even get his facts straight.

Per BPR:

The day before, CNN had falsely bleated around the clock that fired FBI director James Comey would testify to Congress that he had never told Trump he was not under FBI investigation.

The next day, when Comey confirmed that he did, in fact, tell Trump that, CNN was forced to admit that it had pushed fake news.

Peter Baker, the White House correspondent for the New York Times, was also seated in the back during the joint press conference.

Comey told the Senate panel that most of the anonymously-sourced reports bloviated nonstop by mainstream media, specifically the New York Times, were “almost entirely wrong.”

It’s to the point of being laughable that these reporters still act surprised when the Trump White House makes life difficult for them.

In case you’ve forgotten, Acosta is the same reporter Trump pointed at during a presser early this year and said “you are fake news.”

Here’s the clip: