2 Florida Thugs Rape Pretty White Girl, And There’s One Reason You HAVE NOT HEARD ABOUT IT …

KIRSTERS BAISH| Two Florida thugs kidnapped and raped a white girl, but I’m sure you haven’t heard about it from the mainstream media… and there’s a very specific reason as to why. The brutal attack left the victim shaken up and injured. What the media doesn’t want you to know is that the culprits were two black men.

The incident took place in Clermont, Florida, when the young woman was “just hanging out with friends.” The victim explained that things took a turn for the worst when her friend, Rodney “Coop” Cooper shoved her inside one of the bedrooms and locked the door, leaving her trapped. The thing that the woman found very odd was that Cooper had stayed outside the door, almost as if to stand watch. She soon realized that there was a horrible surprise waiting for her inside the room.

America Now reported that Justin Akeen Fedrick, 27, and Keon Dellshai Gordon, 26, were hiding inside the room waiting for their chance to attack the defenseless woman. Their plan was clear. They were going to rape her. The victim explained that she did her best to struggle to get away from the two men, but she went on to say that “they were too strong.” The story hasn’t made national headlines for the simple reason that the assailants were black.

Fedrick and Gordon targeted their victim because she was white. The victim told authorities that the men told her while they attacked her, “we’re going to teach you a lesson about dating a black man and white [people] don’t mean sh*t in this town.” The two men finished raping the woman, and when they had finished they told her that if she went to authorities they would “make it ten times worse next time.”

The woman eventually got away from the men, but she made sure to stay off of main roads and she cut through people’s backyards “because she was afraid that they would come after her.” She called her boyfriend to let him know that she was injured and lost and he immediately called 911.

Cooper was arrested on kidnapping charges, and a warrant was issued for the arrest of Fedrick and Gordon. Their charges were rape and sexual battery. Fedrick was arrested, but Gordon immediately went on the run. He is considered armed and dangerous. He has had previous run-ins with the law, so the police are aware of just how dangerous he is.

We won’t be hearing about this horrific case from any of the mainstream media outlets, because of their concern about making black people look bad. The Left is so hell-bent on making sure to constantly shame whites and put blacks on a pedestal that they would purposely ignore an important story like this one. I would put money on betting that if this story had been about two white men who raped a black girl it would be plastered all over news headlines. We live in a sick world, and it’s sad to say that the media doesn’t want to protect us, just further their political agenda. H/T