Watch #BlackLivesMatter Barricades The Highway When An Ambulance Tries to Pass, & Then … BOOOOM!!!

Memo to Black Lives Matter: Blocking off highways isn’t just pointless. It isn’t just a waste of time for citizens who have nothing to do with what you’re protesting. It isn’t just going to turn more people against your cause.

It’s dangerous.

It was only a matter of time before they blocked an ambulance from getting through, and just the other day, they almost killed a kid. Did his life matter too?

HotAir reports:

The local Fox affiliate in Memphis reported on the story which features the heroic efforts of a paramedic who managed, after nearly 30 minutes of delay, to get the child the care they needed:

The Memphis Black Lives Matter rally shut down the I-40 bridge Sunday night with hundreds of protesters refusing to leave. Traffic could not go across, but paramedic Bobby Harrell with Crittenden EMS was determined to get to a child who was stuck on the bridge with his family.
“We received a call there was a child needing medical attention stuck in traffic up on the bridge and due to the protest going on the bridge the family was not able to get through traffic to get him to Le Bonheur,” Harrell said.

A photo shows parents handing the child off to paramedics on the bridge.

“The sheriff’s department had to escort us up the wrong way of the interstate to the child,” he said.

Harrell said after he had the very sick child in the ambulance, the driver had to go 25 minutes out of the way.

“We had to turn around and come back to West Memphis and cross over at MLK to get over to 55.”

Did you catch that? They crossed over at “MLK” to get the sick child to the hospital. Martin Luther King Blvd. One wonders how Dr. King would react knowing that BLM selfishly prevented a young child from getting medical care in the name of their race-based political cause.

Even “peaceful” protests can cause potentially life-threatening events.

EDITORS NOTE: While many protesters were arrested on the scene for blocking the road way, if I were driving that ambulance they would have been stopping at the hospital first …