Jason Chaffetz Makes Major Announcement About OBAMA’s PENSION – Barack FURIOUS!

VIA| House Oversight and Government Reform chair Jason Chaffetz told USA Today that lawmakers are shocked and angered at Barack Obama’s huge cash grab just months after leaving office and are going to do something about it.

Congressional republicans signaled their intent to reintroduce a bill that would target presidential pensions if a former commander-in-chief earns at least $400,000 in outside income, according to Business Insider.

Obama vetoed the Presidential Allowance Modernization Act — a bill sponsored by Chaffetz that would have capped a president’s pension at $200,000 a year and phased out pensions if they earned $400,000 or more – for the opaque reason of “unintended consequences” whatever that means.

Look, after one ex-president fell on hard times we passed a law that gave them their nice pensions. But today, when Barack can make $800,000 in 3 months giving just two speeches, we need to change the law.

It’s that simple. The left says we are doing it just because it is Obama but that is nonsense. The Presidency, after Bill and Hillary set the precedent, has become a money maker, a cash cow – just win and do what Wall Street says while complaining about them and they will reward you after.

It’s all so neat and tidy and corrupt.

USA Today’s tweeted: “Obama’s $400,000 speech could prompt Congress to go after his pension.”

Which caused Jason Chaffetz to respond: “Yes, it will.”

“The Obama hypocrisy on this issue is revealing,” Chaffetz added. “His veto was very self-serving.”

“The basic premise here is, if they want to go fishing in Utah for the rest of their lives, they can do that. They will be well compensated for the rest of their lives,” Chaffetz said. “If they’re going to make millions of dollars, the taxpayers shouldn’t have to subsidize them.”

And as soon as Jason Chaffetz’s foot heals – he will be making an appearance today in a wheelchair to vote on the health care bill – expect this bill to pass swiftly and Trump to sign it even faster.