Chelsea Clinton Slams Trump on LGBT Rights—Gets Scorching History Lesson She’d Rather Forget

KIRSTERS BAISH| Chelsea Clinton definitely follows in the footsteps of her parents. She is really good at making herself look like a total ass who has no idea what she’s talking about. This past Wednesday she posted an idiotic tweet claiming that President Trump didn’t respect or care about LGBT rights. Clearly she was just finding something to get angry about when President Trump announced that transgenders will no longer be allowed to join the United States military. Too bad for Chelsea, Twitter users were ready to fire back.

Her uneducated post read:

“No. President Trump has consistently failed to support LGBT equal rights, dignity & safety in the U.S. and around world (e.g. Chechnya/Russia)”

I guess Chelsea didn’t realize that Twitter users aren’t all sheep who follow the Left blindly. When the tweets started coming back, it was made clear that she was about to get served a brutally honest history lesson.

A Navy veteran was the first to strike back writing,

“Trump was for gay marriage back when Daddy was signing DOMA and Mom insisted “it’s a sacred bond between a man and a woman. #SpinFail”

The veteran named Vince was 100% correct in his statement. Back on September 21st 1996, Bill Clinton (who was president at the time) signed the Defense of Marriage Act. The Act denied same-sex couples the right to marry.

Then another user named Ryan tweeted,

“Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was under your father’s term. Your mother and father both felt that marriage was between a man and a woman. Facts.”

Ryan was correct as well. (I’m sensing a pattern. These Twitter users have done their research, unlike Chelsea Clinton.) The Washington Post had reported that when Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2008 she was opposed to gay marriage.

Haines delivered another truth bomb when he referred to Chelsea’s “step-dad” (which you can look up if you’re not sure of what that means) and her mom’s ever-changing position on gay marriage.

“What did your Mom & step-Dad ever do for LGBT rights, Chelsea? Pretend to embrace them when they needed some votes? #MAGA #TRUMP #TransBan”

Ouch, he really hit her where it hurts with that one. But, it’s the truth. The Clintons have only ever shown support for the gay community when it has provided them with some sort of benefit. When they were running out of support they changed their views on the matter in order to gain votes.

Next up are some reminders to Chelsea about exactly where her parents have gotten so much of their money from.

“After your parents take billions from regimes that kill gays… you are pointing fingers at everyone else?? Hypocrite.”

“How much money do you suppose your family has taken from countries who execute gay people? Rough estimate is fine.”

The Middle-Eastern countries that the Clinton’s have been benefitting from over the years execute people simply for being gay… I’ve never heard of President Trump taking money from gay-killing terrorists. In June, Fox News reported that the Clinton Foundation has taken in millions of dollars from countries that imprison and murder gays. But to the Clintons, money is money.

Then there was S. Rey’s tweet, reminding Chelsea exactly who she is and what her name means:

“@Washingtonpost you do know you’re a Clinton right?”

The New York Times had actually pointed out that Donald trump, who is the owner of the exclusive Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, was actually the very first club owner on Palm Beach to admit an openly gay couple.

I think it’s safe to say that Chelsea got what was coming to her after making such a ridiculous statement. Maybe she will think before she tweets next time.