Rob Schneider Claims CIA and CNN Are Responsible for “Coup” Against Trump

VIA| Actor and comedian Rob Schneider gave his take on what’s happening in regard to the massive leaks that continue to come from Washington, and he nailed it.

In a post to Twitter, Schneider addressed the leaks and said that it was “pretty obvious” to the American public that there is a coup going on from “intelligence” sources in the CIA and “unintelligence” sources from CNN.

Hilarious and true. Take a look:


It’s hard to disagree with him.

Almost every day CNN, and just about every other mainstream media outlet, reveal just how “unintelligent” they are by reporting leaks from so-called anonymous sources. They cling to the stories these leaks pass off as truth regardless of how ridiculous the stories seem or how biased it makes them look.

CNN has essentially trashed its credibility by its unrelenting, vitriolic attacks on Trump, and doesn’t seem to care. It would seem that the current goal of the mainstream media is not to report real news but to focus on unsubstantiated leaks that could lead to removing the president from office.

Schneider may be spot on about the coup that is taking place in Washington to overthrow President Donald Trump.

President Barack Obama’s holdovers have been organizing a campaign of fake news and scandals against the president to ultimately bring him down.

But it’s not working.

Most thinking people realize what’s going on and can see through the liberal media’s efforts to discredit Trump. All the media has done is prove how unintelligent and incredibly biased they are.

They should be ashamed to call themselves journalists, and at this point refer to themselves at what they’ve become: mouthpieces for the Democrat Party.