ROMNEY WORDSWORTH  – The game is called “Kolejka”, which is Polish for “Queue”, and it is Poland’s hottest selling board game.  “Queue” is reminiscent of what people spent most of their lives under Communism doing:  Waiting in a queue (or “line” if you speak American).


This went on for the whole 70+ years under communism in the Eastern Block, from black & white photos and into the age of color photography.

line 1

The failure of communism as an economic system is faithfully reproduced in Kolejka.

commie game

The game is published by Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance, a Polish institution on par with what Holocaust museums are to Israel.  Its mission is to never let the Polish people forget the horrors and misery of living under Soviet Communism.

With the typical gallows humor found in former communist states, Kolejka has players spend a lot of time having their game pieces standing in long lines to procure game items.  The goal of the game is to be the first player to buy everything on your shopping list before the other players do.  Like life under communism (or modern day Venezuela), winning the game isn’t easy.  Your shopping list includes a variety of things to obtain, from food to furniture, and everything is in short supply.  To simulate history accurately, players can go to a Black Market to find scarce items.

Kolejka has been a best seller in Poland, and has even inspired spin offs and expansions of the game, as well as being used as a teaching aid in Polish history classes in schools.  The game has been translated into English, but don’t hold your breath waiting for America’s public education monopoly to actually give a course that accurately portrays live under communism.  The NEA is too busy shilling for Hillary Clinton, who is campaigning on a promise to raise our taxes by $1 Trillion.

Curiously the game has been banned in Putin’s Russia, which views the game as an attack on Russia more than it is an attack on the old Soviet Union.  Taking a page from China, which today regularly dictates the content of American movies using the threat of being banned from the massive Chinese market, the Russians made similar demands on the game publisher to remove the historical references to the Soviet Union in the game.  To their credit, the Poles gave the Russians a big “Nyet”.  Hollywood should take note.

Everybody supporting our own unrepentant communist, Bernie Sanders, ought to educate themselves by getting acquainted with a game of Kolejka.  Or, you can just trying using Obamacare.  It’s about the same thing.  Both feature long lines, bureaucratic mazes, rationing, and scarce resources.