K BAISH| The entire Democratic Party has begun to unravel as their hypocrisy is made clearer to the public. After completely turning against President Donald Trump and his administration for merely having spoken to the Russian Ambassador, they have shown the world just how idiotic they really are. All Democrats are guilty of it, even if they fail to admit it.

Now, Trey Gowdy is speaking out against the Democratic Party, letting them know exactly what’s up. Gowdy, United States Republican Representative, made an appearance on “The Mike Gallagher Show” for an interview, and you won’t believe what happened. Gowdy has the entire Democratic Party shaking in their boots.

Gowdy spoke issues having to do with Jeff Sessions, explaining that the reason he recused himself from the election investigation was because he couldn’t stand the way the Left was handling things and completely went off on them!

The Daily Caller reported what Gowdy had to say during the interview. Gowdy explained, “the reality is Jeff Sessions is not going to be in the courtroom prosecuting this case. If it was good enough for the media for Holder and Lynch, look- it exposes their hypocrisy all of the sudden about Sessions, but did you ever hear the media call for special counsel for President Obama? I feel like I’m watching ‘The Notebook.’ They’ve fallen in love with the special counsel regulation they didn’t know existed a few months ago.”

The sad part is that Gowdy is 100% correct. The Left only finds rules and regulations when they work in their favor, not when rules and regulations would harm the image of one of their own.

The video below contains the audio of Gowdy’s appearance on “The Mike Gallagher Show.”

Trey Gowdy couldn’t be more right. The Dems are complete hypocrites, and it doesn’t seem like it phases them one bit. Americans are sick and tired of the lies constantly being told by the Left. We are lucky to have Gowdy representing us and letting them know that we aren’t playing games. It’s about time that the Democratic Party is called on their own crap and stops bending the rules so that they work for themselves.