ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Today is April 15th, Tax Day, although this year the Ruling Class has decreed that the peasants will be given until the 18th to render their Tribute.  Tax Day is also the day that poor working white people, who don’t enjoy the birthright of automatic welfare eligibility that Blacks and Hispanics who illegally enter the country do, can reflect on their “White Privilege”.


The Federal government collected a record high $1.48 Trillion in tax revenue for the first half of Fiscal Year 2016, but even that isn’t enough to satisfy the Federal Leviathan, which still managed to rack up a half a trillion dollar budget deficit.  Half of that whopping $1.48 Trillion came from the income taxes paid by individual Americans.  What is even more interesting about the Federal tax haul is that this record high collection was done even while the U6 number, those working age Americans who aren’t working, remained at an historic high of 94 million Americans.  There are only some 325 million Americans, total, give or take a few million illegals.  The U6 counts everybody over 16, so even if you discount the students and the retirees, it is still a very high number.  Combined with the U2 number, the number of people that the government officially recognizes as being unemployed and unable to find work, the number of Americans not working surpasses 100 million, or about a third of the total population.

That’s a helluva lot of people riding in the government welfare cart, and a record few workers pulling that cart.

Tax Freedom Day for 2016 is April 24th, according to TaxFoundation.org.  Tax Freedom Day is the day marking how many days Americans must work out of the year to pay all their taxes to all levels of government.  According to Tax Foundation, the day is calculated as follows:

“Tax Freedom Day provides Americans with an easy way to gauge the overall tax take-a task that can otherwise be daunting due to the multiplicity of taxes at various levels of government and “hidden” taxes and fees that are often buried in the cost of living. Tax Freedom Day computed by dividing total tax collections by the nation’s income, as reported by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Every dollar that is officially called income by the government is counted, and every payment that is officially considered a tax is counted. The resulting percentage is then converted into days of a 365-day calendar year.”

Which brings us to Happy Serf Day.  The system of taxation in America reduces all of us not in the Government Ruling Elite Class a bunch of serfs.  What’s a Serf, you ask?

“Serf” is a word derived from the Latin Servus, which meant “slave”.  The definition of a serf is “an agricultural labor during the middle ages who was bound to work on a lord’s estate”, according to the Oxford Dictionary.  The definition is pretty much the same in other dictionaries.  The Serf in the Middle Ages was responsible for growing and harvesting wheat on land owned by a Lord and who paid taxes (in the form of a portion of the wheat grown) to the Lord for the privilege of living on the land and being “protected” by the Lord’s personal army of knights and retainers.

You don’t think this definition applies to you?  Do you own your own land and house free and clear?  No, you do not, because everywhere in America the municipal level of government levies property taxes.  If you don’t pay these taxes, the Sheriff will seize your property and sell it to pay your property taxes.  So we are all really mere renters of our land to the government, even if our mortgages are paid off.  Obamacare also introduced a special tax to be paid when we the peasantry sell our homes.  This doesn’t apply to our modern nobility, our Lords in Congress and their staffs, who exempted themselves from Obamacare. 

The Federal Government, like the Feudal Lord, lays claim to a percentage of ALL our income, and you work more than 25% of the year to pay this tribute.  Are you starting to feel more like a Serf now?  Too bad you aren’t a member of the Aristocracy, the old monied wealth like the Kennedys and the Bushes.  Interest income on Trust Funds for their little Lordling children isn’t subject to income tax.  It’s good to be part of the Ruling Class.


Do you think you aren’t tied to the land?  Think again.  Liquidate your wealth and try to step on a plane to leave the country.  The TSA and Border Customs Agents look for and confiscate large amounts of cash, or physical precious metals like gold.  They’ll claim it’s because only those involved in the drug trade do this, but it’s really about keeping you in your place, Serf.  Do you think you can squirrel away your wealth in off shore accounts?  That is what the Panama Papers were all about.  Your all-seeing Lord, Barry Obama, has strong armed all the world’s banks to divulge information about accounts held by American citizens or suffer trade sanctions and the Feds freezing bank assets.  As a result, most foreign banks don’t even want to deal with Americans anymore, even the Swiss:  They will turn an American down if you try to open a foreign account.  They don’t want to deal with the wrath of your Lord, the Federal Government.

The Federal Government OWNS you.  Try to leave and renounce your citizenship, and you will face confiscatory taxes and fines for your temerity in trying to leave your Lord’s Estate. 


Oh but you do get the “protection” of the Federal Government, right?  That awesome U.S. Military-Industrial Complex?  Not exactly.  Lord Barry has flung open the gates to the Kingdom, and he’s letting all sorts of foreign barbarians waltz in by the millions to get on the dole that YOU pay for.  If you travel abroad and are captured by ISIS or Somali Pirates, Obama will not lift a finger to help you.  You’re on your own, and left to be beheaded.

So, yeah, Happy Serf Day.  Your Lords don’t even play along with the illusion anymore that the Serfs get a say in who their President (or is it King now?) will be.