McDonald’s Has Had Enough & Is Not Giving In To Muslim’s Demands

Kirsters Baish| We are so sick and tired of hearing about Radical Muslims shoving their beliefs down our throats all the time. When you come to America you can expect to follow to rules of our country. Assimilating is key to making it in any country. Ever since former President Barack Obama was elected, Radical Muslims have flooded into our country by the boatload, and America has become more and more dangerous. When they saw their opportunity with a president who supported all things foreign, they seized their opportunity.

There is a bigger issue here, and the United States isn’t alone. Other countries have been having the same issues with Muslims. Europe is having a major refugee crisis, which will make it even easier for Radical Muslims to infiltrate. Now, more than ever, we really need a leader like President Trump. He is the only many for a job this big.
Reports have been circulating that Muslims located in Hong Kong are demanding that McDonald’s serve the food “Halal.” McDonald’s is refusing as this would be going against everything that they’ve worked for in their decades of business. It’s great to see the multibillion dollar company standing up for what they believe in. Muslims, nor anyone else for that matter, truly has no right to demand what any restaurant should be serving. They can pick where they eat, just like everyone else. Can you imagine walking into an Italian restaurant and demanding that they serve Chinese food? No, because it makes no sense.

Mufti Muhammad Arshad is the man responsible for the ridiculous request. He is a Muslim originating from Hong Kong, and he is behind three separate letters that came to McDonald’s restaurants. All three letters were declined for obvious reasons. 

Arshad’s response was laughable at best. He stated, “it is disappointing that we could not convince the companies. It does not have to be Hong Kong-wide. In the main areas, like Central, Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui, the New Territories and at the airport, it would be a great service. The companies have to realize there is a need for this and that it is good business for them.”

Disappointing? What’s disappointing is that this man truly believes that everyone should conform to his religion and beliefs, a religion that condones killing anyone who doesn’t share the same beliefs. This is simply unacceptable, and I, for one, am so glad to hear that McDonald’s stood up for their beliefs as a company. Let’s hope that more and more companies respond the same way that McDonald’s did. Standing up for real values is key in our world, a world being threatened by one corrupt group of heathens. It truly disgusts me to think that Muslims think that any restaurant owes them anything. If more companies stand up to this sick group of people, we will take back our world. We will not live in fear of a group of people who have no right to request anything of anyone.