ROMNEY WORSDWORTH – The Canadian Broadcasting Company has been implicated in conspiring with the Canadian government to cover up the fact that a Muslim was behind a sexual assault at a public swimming pool.  In case you haven’t been paying attention, Muslim “migrants” have completely terrorized and ruined the practice of public swimming pools in countries like Austria, Sweden and Germany.  In those countries, countless sexual assaults and rapes have been committed by Muslim men on European women, girls, and even small boys.  While cultural apologists make excuses, the bottom line is that Muslim men from the Middle East turn into lust crazed Barbarians at the sight of women in modern swimwear.


The response of the Socialist governments in Europe has been to suppress information and crime statistics about the identities of the criminals.  Especially egregious has been the government of Angela Merkel, which was caught ordering police departments in Hamburg and Cologne to destroy police records.  Anything is justified to these Far Left Socialists to pursue their multi-cultural agendas—the sacrifice of their own citizens, protecting criminals, destroying the truth and persecuting critics.

Which brings us back to that bratty kid Trudeau running Canada.  He’s decided on the very same response:  Punish the victims, and protect the perpetrators.  So it was that the CBC refused to identify Wijdan Yasir, 28, of Calgary, who is charged with three counts of sexual assault and two counts of sexual interference.  Yasir is a Muslim “migrant” (I prefer the term “Rapefugee”) from Pakistan, who decided to go on a sexual assault spree at a public swimming pool in the town of Lethbridge.  It’s the exact same pattern as in Germany and Sweden, as well as the government-media cover up.

The same CBC also helped the Trudeau government cover up news of Syrian migrant kids in Halifax, Nova Scotia who inflicted a reign of terror in their elementary school, beating up native born Canadian girls.  I have no information on the native Canadian boys fighting back, but given how craven Canadians are taught to be these days, I don’t have much hope of that having happened.

This is the Death of the West, and it is being engineered by our own governments and their suicidal immigration policies.  Then people wonder why Donald Trump is so popular.

Which brings me to a related story:  How Obama is accelerating the importation of the most violent Muslims on the planet, Somalians, into the U.S.  Obama has brought in 47,500 Somalis into U.S. communities.  Most have gone to Minnesota, Columbus, OH, Seattle, WA, San Diego, CA and Atlanta, GA.  But smaller cities have received large numbers of Somalis relative to their populations.  These include Fargo, ND, Shelbyville, TN, Bowling Green, KY, El Paso, TX, Boise, ID, and Lewiston, ME.

Somalis have been emigrating to the U.S. since the 1980’s, but what started as a trickle has now become a flood.  Since 1983, the U.S. has taken in a total of 132,224 Somalis, 99 percent of whom are militant Sunni Muslims who observe Shariah law.

You can blame the United Nations.  The UN runs a refugee camp in neighboring Kenya that houses 350,000 Somalis at any given time.  Under a UN Protocol called “Goal 10”, any Somali that makes it to a UN camp then has a “right” to migrate to a more prosperous nation under Goal 10, whose agenda is “to reduce inequality within and among countries”.  Apparently we will all be “equalized” by pouring millions of Third Worlders into the West until the West is reduced to the same level of poverty as places like Somalia, a “failed state” where warring clans keep the country in a perpetual state of conflict.  Guess who is funding this?  Why, Corporate America with globalist power brokers such as George Soros, Warren Buffet, David Rockefeller, Michael Bloomberg and Disney’s Bob Iger.   All pushing the same open-borders agenda.


The U.S. tried to help the Somalis in the 1990’s under Bill Clinton.  You may recall that we ended up with the “Black Hawk Down” episode for our troubles, and Bill Clinton pulled out of Somalia faster than he pulled out of Juanita Broderick.

These Somalis being brought to the United States are just as feral, and just as radicalized and backwards in their Muslim beliefs, as the Somalis who dragged dead Marines through the streets of Mogadishu.