VIA| Life under Sharia law is a nightmare for millions, but the story of Pastor Kisa Emmanuel Amos and his unshakable Christian faith provides hope for many. He became a target of persecution and slaughter after he led three wives of Muslim sheikhs to give their lives to Christ. Then Kisa was arrested by Muslim officers after he preached a message that upset them.

His story was told by Mad World News:

“I was tortured by Muslim police officers, who attacked me in church, right on the pulpit,” Kisa told Mad World News. “They clubbed me, tear gassed me right in the eyes, beat me with guns, kicked me, beat me badly, and threw me on their patrol pickup when I was unconscious.”

When the members of the small congregation attempted to intervene, they were beaten and arrested along with their pastor. However, being carted off to jail was only the beginning of Kisa’s nightmare.
“When I was at police, the police officer used the back of his gun to beat me up,” Kisa recalled. “I had already been badly tortured at church and I was almost unconscious. I couldn’t move because my knees and ankles had been beaten with clubs.”

While in prison, the Muslim police tortured Kisa with teargas, beatings, and poisoned water. For over a month, they kept him weak and ill with the contaminated drink they served him.

For weeks, they held the pastor under false allegations that he had assaulted the police commander. Officers savagely beat Kisa, encouraging other prisoners to do the same.
Kisa says his torturers broke his feet, fractured three ribs and severely injured his spine. Despite this immense pain and suffering, Kisa says he managed to speak with two Muslim officers and eventually led them to Christ.

Then Kisa learned his fate:

After more than a month in prison, Kisa was led away to court to learn his fate. As miraculous as the conversion of two prominent Muslims was, the magistrate inexplicably found no fault with the abused pastor, setting him free immediately.

Although Pastor Kisa has once again been able to share his own incredible testimony, his battle is far from over. Because he is still recovering from the great injuries to his back, feet, and internal organs, he struggles to work full-time on top of caring for his church and orphanage. Now, he is two months behind in rent for his orphanage, and the nearly 50 children face eviction.
Before Muhammad died, he ordered Muslims to attack unbelievers. It is written in the Qur’an. The order was to kill unbelievers until they convert to Islam or pay homage out of their hand. Make no mistake about it. Islam has spread through violence and warefare. Jihad is a means of converting unbelievers to Islam and into submission. By sharing Kisa’s story, we can provide hope to those who rightfully refuse to submit to violence and evil.