ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Although the explosive charges were set back in August of 2015, when the Colorado Republican Party decided to cancel this year’s presidential primary election, the party Oligarchs in Colorado pushed the plunger down on the detonator this past Saturday.  Not only does this explode the democratic process and disenfranchise voters, it is also an act of Scorched Earth that will burn down the Republican Party as well.


The extent of the disenfranchisement went beyond rank and file voters.  It even extended to party insiders who did get to vote on who would be selected as a delegate.  One such insider called into the Rush Limbaugh program on Monday to tell the nation that the so-called Delegates all refused to tell anyone even within Saturday’s state convention who they planned to vote for.

Let me repeat that:  The Oligarchs put up a slate of Delegates at the State Convention and made sure no one knew how they planned to vote.  The Delegates refused to answer the question and they were selected while withholding this crucial information.  I don’t know who these party insiders in Colorado are, but if it had been me in that situation, I would have been overturning tables and breaking noses with the righteousness of Jesus Christ against the temple money changers.

Why bother with voting for delegates?  In their quest to hold on to power and ignore the will of the voters, that is precisely where the Oligarchs now sit:  They don’t see any point to holding elections or having a democratic process anymore, and are prepared to dispense with the charade altogether.

I don’t have a Twitter account, because the people who run Twitter censor conservative thought.  But if I did, I would be circulating a hashtag that says I will never let myself be used as window dressing by the Oligarchy for a fraudulent election process.  It was on this precise point, no taxation without representation, at which the Founding Fathers started breaking out the shot & powder.  We have now come full circle back to an even worse tyranny, in less than 300 years.  They can hijack the election process, but we don’t have to participate.  In fact, at a certain point, we have a moral obligation to withhold our participation and not give any credibility to such corruption.

The Illusion of Free Choice democrats republicans-444

Many are blaming Ted Cruz, and are attributing Colorado’s outcome to his organization and “ground game”.  I do not.  The state party apparatus sent out a telling tweet immediately after the fix was in:  “#NeverTrump:  We did it!”  Yes, indeed you did.  You subverted the electoral process and disenfranchised Republican primary voters.  You have guaranteed that millions of Republicans will stay at home in November, and have destroyed the party itself.

This gives away the game:  The party Oligarchs are using Cruz as a convenient place to park delegates denied to Trump.  The Oligarch Plan is to stall Trump below 1,000 delegates, while pumping Cruz up to near parity.  Why 1,000?  It constitutes one of those “mental barriers” where it’s easier to sell the idea that Trump is “too far away” from the goal line.

We have outright theft, fraud, and deception by the GOP elites.  In Virginia, a district that Trump won by 30% has been given delegates for Cruz.  A blatant over-ride of the election outcome.  With both Trump and Cruz at roughly equal delegates, the Oligarchy will then use that as an excuse to paint a narrative of an “intractable deadlock” that can only be broken by parachuting in someone like Paul Ryan, which has actually been the Oligarch Plan all along.  Kasich is being kept around as a fallback position just in case they can’t pull off the parachute scenario.  It wasn’t about securing a win for Cruz; he’ll get dumped by the Oligarchs in the second round of nominee voting at the Cleveland convention.

This is an easy forecast to make, because we’ve been here before.  In 2012, Mitt Romney and the Oligarchs revised Rule 40(b) from winning the majority of delegates in five states to eight states in order to block Ron Paul’s name being submitted for nomination, and denying him the opportunity to give a speech at the convention.  In 2012, the Oligarchs were arrogant enough to think they could win the general election without the support of Ron Paul voters.  They were wrong.  When Election Day came, a crucial 3 million Republicans stayed home, and it resulted in Romney losing to Obama.


You can’t plausibly argue that the GOP Oligarchs don’t realize that they will hemorrhage even more Trump voters.  They’ve gone out of their way to alienate Trump supporters, labelling them as “racists”, “fascists” and worse.  This lays the seeds of the GOP’s destruction.

Here is why:  Political experts estimate that the GOP cannot afford to lose even 10% of its voter strength and hope to win in the general election.  Does anyone in their right mind not believe that parachuting in a “selected” nominee against the will of the voters will result in at least ten percent of the voters staying home on Election Day?  It is more likely that 30-50% or more quit the Republican party and refuse to vote for any pre-selected candidates.  A full 70% of the Republican voting base has consistently rejected Establishment Candidates that pushed amnesty on immigration.  That’s the death of the national party right there.  The disaffected will either start a Third Party, or there is going to be bloodshed in the streets.

The Republican elites don’t care.  They will happily fold in to the Democrat Party and turn America over to One Party Rule where elections are meaningless.  This is what Tyranny looks like.