NY Times/WaPo Conspires With ISIS and Iran to Damage U.S.-Israeli Relations

ELDER PATRIOT – The Washington Post and the New York Times have been peddling “unnamed sources” in a relentless assault against Donald Trump to convince the people h isn’t fit to be president, is too stupid to be president, and is too reckless to be president.

The few sources they have named unanimously refused to confirm that the Post and/or Times ever quoted them and in fact, in some cases revealed they know the exact opposite to be true.  Both newspapers reported that deposed F.B.I. director James Comey had asked for money to expand his investigation in Trump’s ties to Russia. 

The man who replaced Comey at the F.B.I., a Democrat who was Comey’s second in command, Andrew McCabe said no such request was ever made.  He added that the investigation was “adequately funded.”

It’s also important to note that the Post and the Times have been relentless in their reporting that Trump is connected to Russia even following Senator Diane Feinstein’s admission that she has seen absolutely no evidence to support the allegations that Trump has any ties at all or in any way to Russia. 

Feinstein, a Democrat, serves on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.  There is no better source than her.  But, that hasn’t deterred the Times or the Post from their obsessive pursuit of maintaining what is proving to be a false narrative.

Diligence in investigating the claims should be applauded.  Continuing to pound the same tired refrain with ever increasing hysteria shouldn’t be.  A daily update – with the truth – would be sufficient.  If a legitimate – and provable – misstep by the president is uncovered then by all means go for the jugular. 

Consistently citing unnamed sources to support their, otherwise unsubstantiated allegations, the Times and Post appear to be carrying out a shameless conspiracy to destroy this president.

What they’re doing goes beyond fake news.  They are inventing news with the intention of undermining a sitting president, something both newspapers have conspired to do to Republican presidents many times in the past.

Now that they have been exposed, an examination of the biased history of their reporting reveals that both the Times and the Post have unwaveringly defended the transgressions and the motivations of terrorist organizations from Yasser Arafat’s PLO to Hamas to Obama’s complete sellout to Iran.

And, today both papers claimed that Trump threw Israel under the bus without a shred of evidence other than citing another unnamed source.  Their reports that the president inadvertently or recklessly revealed highly sensitive intelligence given to us by Israel was immediately refuted by H.R. McMaster and Dina Powell both of whom were present at the meeting with the representatives of Russia.

While it is the obligation of every serious reporter of the news to report the facts whatever they may be, as consumers of the news we must also guard against partisan reporting based on false information in order to maintain or promote false narratives.

The Washington Post and The New York Times have been so stridently anti-Trump for so that it has been said by one observer that they’d vilify him if he found a cure for cancer. 

The Post and Times spent eight years defending Obama’s anti-Israel agenda, his Iran nuclear deal, his support of the Muslim Brotherhood, and were never at a loss to explain the motivations of terrorist organizations, including their claims to Palestine as well as obscuring Obama’s funding and nurturing ISIS.

The Times and Post have a well-established dislike for Israel.  I don’t need any unnamed sources to draw the conclusion they are trying to drive a wedge between Israel and Donald Trump.  It should be kept in mind that Donald Trump has promised to be the most pro-Israel president in our country’s history.

Whatever their reasons may be, they’re clearly political in nature.  And those biases have been consistently anti-Trump, anti-Israel and pro-terror.  With this in mind why should we believe anything we read from them?