Obama administration using blackmail and extortion to try to get Europe to sign TTIP

Secrecy aside, the Obama administration is now resorting to blackmail and extortion to try to force European nations into signing the ‘free trade’ agreement known as the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

In a new report out on May 1, Greenpeace leaked out information to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung on how the White House is threatening to block European car imports if they don’t come to the table and sign the agreement despite the massive protests by EU citizens against the TTIP.

The Obama administration has threatened to block all European car exports if they do not accept America’s genetically-modified and hormone-enhanced produce.

On Sunday, German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung claimed that 240 pages of text from the secret transatlantic trade deal (TTIP) obtained by Greenpeace show the US to be blackmailing the EU to force through the trade deal, despite European objections.

Specifically, the United States threatened to block European car exports, in order to force the European Union to buy genetically engineered fruits and vegetables from the US – a move that opponents to the deal point out will compromise consumer health and negatively affect Europe’s agricultural industry.

Greenpeace announced that it would release the smuggled text of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) on Monday, undermining unusual efforts by the EU and US to keep the details secret. – Sputnik News

President Obama has become desperate in trying to rush through trade agreements which give the U.S. and corporations extraordinary power over global trade.  And as China, Russia, and the BRICS continue to take away market share from the West through their own free trade agreements that allow for bi-lateral trade outside the dollar, these new leaks validate Obama’s long-standing policy of economic warfare to ‘twist the arms‘ of enemies and allies alike to force them into continuing to follow U.S. hegemony.

twist arms

Rejection of U.S. domination is spawning up all across the world, and in particular in both Europe and the Middle East.  And for leaders in the EU who want nothing more than to continue being vassals of Washington and globalist agendas, their very political lives are at stake since peoples all across Europe and demanding their governments reject the TTIP, no matter what extortion President Obama attempts to inflict upon them.

Kenneth Schortgen Jr is a writer for Secretsofthefed.comExaminer.com,Roguemoney.net, and To the Death Media, and hosts the popular web blog, The Daily Economist. Ken can also be heard Wednesday afternoons giving an weekly economic report on the Angel Clark radio show.