ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – General Motors was bailed out by the Obama Regime in 2008 with American taxpayer money.  Not only was GM bailed out, it was effectively nationalized, with Obama appointees now running the company, and the U.S. government owning a controlling stake.  Private Americans owning GM debt were stiffed by Obama—they were GM’s creditors who had their stake in the company stolen outright by Obama via executive order.


So it is more than a little galling to hear that the nationalized Government Motors run by Obama toadies is now having its Cadillac brand built in China, and will now ship those Chinese made caddies over here to be sold in American showrooms.  But that is exactly what Obama is doing.  Cadillac’s new hybrid version of the CT6 luxury sedan is going to be built in China, providing well paid manufacturing jobs to Chinese citizens while American auto workers are left to “suck it”.  Obama hates America, and every UAW worker who votes for Democrats is a big chump.

GM - USA to China - Obama

While GM razes auto plants to the ground in America and pink slips thousands of American workers, it is steadily moving all of its manufacturing to China.  That’s right, an auto company controlled and run by the Obama Regime is leaving America to essentially become an offshore company that exports cars to America.

This works because America doesn’t impose the kind of tariffs on imported goods that China imposes on the rest of the world.  America cannot export automobiles made here to China because China imposes stiff tariffs.  They impose these tariffs to force companies to move their manufacturing to China and employ Chinese workers, enriching China and boosting their middle class.  But we are letting China export their vehicles here, and destroy our middle class.  Thanks, Obama.


This is exactly the sort of unfair trade practices that Donald Trump has been promising to change.  Not only do our government elites deride Trump for wanting to save our manufacturing base, they actively collude with China to destroy it here at home.

Barack Obama is a heartless dictator who hates America, and rules over us with malice and punitive trade and regulatory policies.  He is doing everything one would do if your goal was to de-industrialize America and destroy our prosperity, and our middle class. 

Il Duce

The only way to save our future for our children is to vote out the Democrat Party from all levels of government.  If we don’t, America will cease to exist within our lifetimes.