ROMNEY WORDSWORTH –  It is Wednesday, April 6, 2016, and you know what that means:  It’s Trumpday!  Let’s get started.

The big news is that Donald Trump lost Wisconsin last night.  Many media outlets are reporting this as a big win for Ted Cruz, but this is not correct.  Ted Cruz is merely a vessel of convenience to hold those Wisconsin delegates denied to Trump.  Just as John Kasich was the convenient vessel to hold the Ohio delegates denied to Trump.  When we get to the Republican Convention in July in Cleveland Ohio, these delegates won’t be voting for Cruz or Kasich after the first round of voting.

The Beltway Oligarchs who rule the Republican Party are carrying out a coup d’etat against the will of the Republican voters.  We are witnessing the unimaginable spectacle of the Republican Party launching an open, publically declared “100 Day Mission” to derail the party’s frontrunner, Donald Trump, from reaching the goal of 1237 delegates, and deny him the party’s nomination.  The Oligarchs, through their myriad of PAC’s and Super PACs, poured $4 million into the airwaves of Wisconsin in the last 30 days for an unceasing drumbeat of negative Trump ads.  Despite the unprecedented assault, Trump still managed to retain a third of the vote.

This was not a Ted Cruz victory.  Ted Cruz did not have the money for all the attack ads directed at Trump.  Ted Cruz did not go from a 3% lead in the polls to a 20+ lead overnight on Election Day due to any rhetorical skill on his part.  It happened because the Party Elite was able to use anti-Trump propaganda to manipulate voters, and used the party infrastructure to manipulate the vote, as Elder Patriot noted yesterday regarding Wisconsin’s convoluted ballot.

The Oligarch’s plan does NOT call for handing the nomination to Ted Cruz.  The Oligarchs have declared Cruz to be every bit as unacceptable to them as the party’s nominee as Trump is.  The plan is to use Cruz to block Trump, and then throw Cruz away at the convention like a used condom.

The instrument of Cruz’ destruction has already been prepared in the form of a Mistress Scandal that is building beneath the surface, and will be used as justification when the time is right in July by the Oligarchy to say that Cruz is also unfit to be the party’s nominee (even though the real reason is Cruz’ fealty to the Constitution on enumerated and limited powers of government).  A vote for Ted Cruz is really a vote for Paul Ryan.  Ryan is the “fresh face” that the Oligarchy plans to parachute in to the Cleveland Convention as the “compromise candidate”.  Ted Cruz is not “uniting” the party.  Instead he is allowing himself to be used as the instrument the Oligarchy will use to disregard the will of the voters.  When that happens, 70%-80% of the voters are going to want to LEAVE the party.  This isn’t uniting the party, it is exploding it apart.

The Oligarchy stands for open borders and unrestricted immigration.  Every candidate they backed that carried that banner was soundly rejected by the voters.  The rank and file of the Republican Party have coalesced around two outsider candidates, both of whom have run against open borders and continued wave migration.  Together they control about 80-85% of the primary vote.  John Kasich, the last candidate in the race clinging to open immigration and blanket amnesty, commands no more than 15% of the primary vote.  He remains in the race as a placeholder for the “fresh faced” Paul Ryan, whom voters will discover to their dismay is just warmed over Jeb! Bush and Marco Rubio, with a beard.  The Oligarchy is assembling a secret delegate army to ignore and block the will of the voters, by not voting for either Cruz or Trump in later rounds of voting at the convention.  Instead the Oligarchy is going to coronate one of their own.

This could all have been easily defeated if only Trump and Cruz had been willing to join forces and work together.  Instead they have both allowed themselves to be manipulated by Media Bomb Throwers and Provacateurs to give themselves over to bad blood feuding, pointless bickering, and name calling.  This will end up being the epitaph on America’s tombstone.

The Elites behind the New World Order are determined to destroy American culture, American prosperity, America’s borders, and the American ability to resist their plans for global domination.  The leadership of both the Democrat and the Republican Party are complicit in conspiring to snuff out this last desperate cry of the American people to hold on to their country.  They mean to brutally kill off the nascent Nationalist movement started by Donald Trump, and any candidate who, as President, would stymie their plans.

Sadly, the forces of evil won big last night in Wisconsin.  Thanks a lot, Cheeseheads.