ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It is Wednesday, April 13, 2016, and you know what that means:  It’s Trumpday.  Let’s get started.

Colorado dominated headlines this week due to the decision by Colorado State Republican potentates back in August to suspend the primary vote in their state.  No primary vote, and not even a caucus.  If you are a Republican and you live in Colorado, you were disenfranchised this week.  You had your voice silenced, and had your ability to influence who your party’s nominee is, taken away.  You were not alone.  North Dakota’s GOP Oligarchs did the same thing to their voters in North Dakota.  Ditto for the Virgin Islands and Guam.  Those voters were all denied a say this year.  “Your Betters” will choose for you.  Over on the Democrat side, Super Delegates are delivering the nomination to Hillary Clinton even as she loses seven state primaries in a row.  As the mainline parties increasingly shut voters out of the nominating process, America loses its tradition of democracy and self-rule.


Trump held a rally in Albany this week.  20,000 people attended.  Trump is leading the polls in New York State, polling over 50%.  New York’s primary is on April 19th, and 95 delegates are at stake.  Like many states, New York is a winner-take-all if a candidate gets over 50% of the vote, and candidates get no delegates if they don’t get a minimum of 20% of the vote.  On that basis, Ted Cruz is in danger of getting zero delegates in New York, while Donald Trump is positioned to sweep the field.


Poll Date Sample MoE Trump Kasich Cruz Spread
RCP Average 3/29 – 4/10 53.6 21.0 18.6 Trump +32.6
NBC/WSJ/Marist 4/6 – 4/10 259 LV 6.1 54 21 18 Trump +33
Emerson 4/6 – 4/7 321 LV 5.4 56 17 22 Trump +34
FOX News 4/4 – 4/7 602 LV 4.0 54 22 15 Trump +32
Monmouth 4/3 – 4/5 302 LV 5.6 52 25 17 Trump +27
CBS News/YouGov 3/29 – 4/1 657 LV 5.6 52 20 21 Trump +31

The Oligarchy is trying mightily to use money to influence and manipulate the primary vote.  Out of $130 million spent on attack ads in the Republican Primary, $70 million have been spent against Donald Trump.  But the Elites will not accept the will of the voters in any event.

Everyone’s favorite villain of the GOP Oligarchy, Curly Haugland of the RNC Rules Committee, has continued to throw bombs on the idea of the democratic process and self-rule by We The People.  Haugland’s latest bombshell:

“The media is trying to convince us, the cable networks are trying to

Convince us that it’s based on the primary vote and that’s a whole

different animal.  The primary votes are not solid.  There’s all kinds

of potential slippage in those primary votes based on various challenges

that could be made or various other interpretations.  For instance,

‘winner-take-all’, I don’t think will stand up personally at the convention.

So those surplus delegates allocated by a winner-take-all I think are

all subject to question.”


Well, thanks for the heads up on the Oligarchy Attack Plan at the convention, Curly.  It has been telegraphed by Mr. Haugland that the attack will include a dictatorial rules change that will invalidate the vote in every state that arranged its primary delegate allocation on a winner take all basis.  This is utter chaos.  The Constitution guarantees the States the right to structure their votes as they see fit, and states have used a winner take all basis since the beginning of the Republic.  Both mainline parties have endorsed the practice as a means of being sure that the nominating process produces a clear winner.  Most of the states to cast votes between now and June 7th are winner take all states.

Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu speaks to the media in Boca Raton, Florida in this October 22, 2012 file photo. Sununu was recovering in Boston on August 24, 2015 after undergoing heart surgery last week, the Republican's office said in a statement.    REUTERS/Andrew Innerarity/Files
Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu speaks to the media in Boca Raton, Florida in this October 22, 2012 file photo. Sununu was recovering in Boston on August 24, 2015 after undergoing heart surgery last week, the Republican’s office said in a statement. REUTERS/Andrew Innerarity/Files

John Sununu, Former New Hampshire Governor, Former Chief of Staff to George H. W. Bush, (yes, another Bush connection, imagine that?) and Chairman of the 2012 Rules Committee, poured more gasoline on the fire, telling CNN in a recent interview that “the ties that bind delegates to a particular candidate may be negligible by the time the party hits the convention floor this summer.”  Sununu added:  “Even in the first round, many delegates can vote for anyone and not every delegate is firmly bound.” Sununu insisted that “delegates can start voting for Paul Ryan at any time.”


All of these pronouncements boil down to one main theme:  Voters don’t count.  The Primary voting process doesn’t count.  We The People, through the Party Primary Process, do not choose who will run as nominees in the General Election.


Over on the Democrat Party side, it’s been obvious since the institution of the Super Delegate system decades ago that there is no real democracy in the ill-named Democrat Party.  Bernie Sanders voters, who didn’t get the memo from the Elites that the Sanders Challenge was part of the Coronation Script of Her Royal Cankleness, Hillary Clinton, are getting their noses thoroughly rubbed in the unfairness of this rigged electoral process.  Communists don’t do elections, they do Show Trials, where the outcome has already been determined by the Central Planning Committee.


Well, what does it mean to democracy and the electoral process if We The People have no say in who the parties run in the General Election?  It means that we have no democracy, because a choice between two candidates selected by the Oligarchy is no choice at all.


The vote is a stark one in more ways than one.  Do you want America to be Capitalist, or Socialist?  Do you want to see America re-industrialized, or continue to be de-industrialized?  Do you want your Ford pickup truck to be made in America, or Mexico?  Do you want your Cadillac to be made in America, or China?  Do you want America to remain a country with borders?  Do you want America to remain a sovereign nation, or do you want American laws to be written by an unelected corporatist elite running the Trans Pacific Partnership, a regional hegemony like the European Union?

Will you even have a candidate on the ballot in November that gives you a choice?