ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – The Cultural Marxists on the Left, at the direction of Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, and the Race Hustlers of the Democrat Party, and executed by the vast Education-Industrial Complex, have launched a cultural War of Extermination on White People, and what they call “Whiteness”, i.e. traditional Western European culture and civilization, and the Judeo-Christian religious tradition.

Every great Dictator of the 20th Century had their scape goats.  Hitler had the Jews.  Stalin had the Kulaks of Ukraine.  Mao had China’s merchant class, and Pol Pot targeted the educated, filling the “killing fields” with those who could read or who wore glasses.

Barack Obama is every bit as much a Dictator of the 20th century Fascist mold.  Obama’s scape goats are Whites and Christians.  Organized persecution of Whites, Whiteness, and Christianity is now in full swing in the Academy.

The stories are now at a deluge pace.  The attacks are coming from everywhere, at all levels, and all at once, but primarily under the auspices of the primary and secondary education spheres.  The victims are mostly children, and the damage is mostly being done to the psyches of the innocent.  Here are the headlines from just this week:

1) Thousands of teachers flock to the 17th Annual White Privilege Conference in Philadelphia.


2) Professional Education Consultant and former Professor of Multi-Cultural Education at Minnesota’s St. Cloud State University Declares that “Grades and Showing Up on Time Are a Form of White Supremacy”.

3) PBS’s “The Whiteness Project” Seeks to Expose “White Privilege” & Racism.

4) Native American Student Group Calls University of New Mexico Seal “Racist”

5) UW-Madison Police Chief Apologizes After Black Student Is Removed From Class To Be Questioned About “Anti-White Graffiti”.

6) Hillary Clinton at Democrat Debate:  “I want white people to recognize that there is systemic racism.”

7) Latino Students at Iowa State University Tell Their White Peers They Should Head to the Doctor to Check for Privilege.

8) Black Lives Matter Blocks Trains at Minnesota Twins Home Opener


9) New York:  Student Giovanni Micheli punched, hit with a chair and repeatedly called “Cracker” for being white.  Family sues school for doing nothing to protect their son.

10) Villanova University Course:  Catholic Church is an “Instrument of White Supremacy”.

11) Dartmouth College Sorority Cancels Kentucky Derby Party Because Theme is “Racist” and “Economically Elitist”.

12) Barack Obama Jokes About Supreme Court Pick:  “Yeah, He’s a White Guy—Sorry!”

13) Whiteness History Month Presenter Says All Mass Shooters Are White Males.

14) Florida Parents Outraged at Teacher’s White Privilege Assignment.

15) Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Yusra Khogali Tweets About Killing “men and white folks”.

16) Portland Community College Professor James Harrison:  We Need To Dismantle Whiteness.

17) Black Rapper Azealia Banks Calls for Sarah Palin to be Gang Raped by “Burliest” Black Men.

18) Denison University Professor:  “Chanting ‘All Lives Matter’ is ‘covert’ white racism.”

19) Portland Community College “Whiteness History Month” Speaker:  “Keeping Black Rape Statistics is Racist”

Of course, the Ultimate White Guy is Donald Trump, and the Left is waging a campaign to criminalize the mere mention or writing of his name on school property.  This has generated more headlines:

1) Three 11 Year Olds Kicked Out of School Talent Show for Wearing Donald Trump Masks.

2) Student Leaders at Ohio University Condemn Donald Trump Drawing as “Racially” Offensive.

Ohio State

3) Hispanic Pitzer College Student Haylee Sindt Criticized for Denying “Trump” is “Hate Speech”.

4) Students For Trump Meeting Disrupted by Social Justice Warriors at University of Portland.  Twice.

5) Students at Emory “Triggered” Over Seeing “Trump 2016” Written In Chalk

6) University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Student Government Kicks Out Member Over Pro-Trump Chalking

7) Black Activists Stomp On US Flag at Donald Trump Rally; Call US Flag the New Swastika

8) Black Lives Matter Activist Tef Poe:  “If Trump Wins We Will Incite Riots Everywhere”    

Both the quantity and the intensity of attacks on whites and white culture are on the rise.  Why?  Two reasons.  Obama has long tried to foment racial division if not an open, shooting race war in this country as a pre-text for Martial Law.  Keeping Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians divided and fighting each other allows the elites to control us, and solidifies political support for the Democrat Party, which plays on racial divisions and which counts on keeping the black vote on The Plantation.

The leaders of the Democrat Party are panicked at the inroads Trump has made into the Black and Hispanic vote during the primary race.  Contrary to the official narrative that Trump is hated and polarizing, he is actually attracting a larger share of these voting blocks than either Mitt Romney or John McCain ever did.  The last thing the elites want to see in this country is racial harmony, or racial groups coming together to work in unison to throw off the shackles that the Federal government has put on us.

This is why Obama is now importing tens of thousands of radical Muslims direct from the Middle East and into towns and cities across the country.  They will do to America what they have already done to Europe.  They can be counted on by Obama to kill and cause mayhem and destruction, and finally give Obama the excuse for Martial Law that he has been looking for.

In the meantime, while our evil leaders wait for radical Muslims to reach a critical mass, we can only expect the scape goating and persecution of whites to continue by the various organs of government in the Academy and the Media.  Eventually, like in Germany, Russia, China, and Cambodia, things will escalate to open violence and organized Pogroms while the police stand down and look the other way.

If you are among those who the Left has targeted for persecution, I suggest you get ready for what’s coming and prepare yourself to fight back.