ROMENY WORDSWORTH – Muslims threw stones, smashing the windows of a bookstore in a Stockholm suburb in Sweden.  Kind of reminds me of pictures of Krystalnacht.

sweden-violent-riots (1)

But throwing stones is so passe.  If you are a Muslim radical protestor, you have to keep up with the times and up your game.  Like the Muslims down in Greece, who got real upset when the government in Athens announced that they were going to round up a bunch of these illegal Muslim migrants loitering around the Greek Port of Piraeus, and move them to a newly built camp north of Athens.  How dare the Greek government get in the way of their plans to travel further into Europe, to collect free welfare and housing in countries like Germany and Sweden?!?

So, naturally, the only thing to do if you are one of these lunatic Muslims is to pick up a baby and throw it at the police, right?

baby-640x345 (1)

At least, that’s what this guy tried to do.  Watch the short video, below:

Remember, these are the same Muslims that Obama is shipping into America, to be secretly settled in neighborhoods without even notice to State Governors or the Mayors of towns and cities.  The plan is to ship in 120,000 a year.  At that rate, the Muslim community in America will outnumber the Jewish community by 2050 according to the latest Pew Study.  I can’t think of a recipe more guaranteed to bring social unrest and violence to our country, but, this is just another measure of how much Obama hates America.

But getting back to the Muslim Baby Chucker, you have to give the guy credit for being high energy.  Unlike these Muslims rioting in Paris, who have apparently started to assimilate into French culture.

Look at how slow and lazy these Muslim rioters are moving in the video.  They have the same low energy and apathy of your typical French union worker.  I guess that’s progress?

Meanwhile, over in the U.S., Sesame Street has introduced the newest muppet character:

zari-sesame-street (1)

Meet Zari, the hijab wearing “feminist” from Pakistan, who will teach children about “girl empowerment” and “social and emotional wellbeing”.  Will that include teaching children about the Muslim practice in Pakistan of “Honor Killings” when daughters refuse to enter into the marriages their families have arranged for them?  Using a Muslim character to preach an ideology of “girl empowerment” is like using a Nazi muppet to teach children about Jewish culture.  But if you can still call yourself a “feminist” while covering your head and following a religion that treats women as chattel, then by that definition I suppose Amish women are super feminists by comparison.

The whole world has gone mad, if you ask me.